The Zawn, Cape Collinson, Hong Kong

Happy Sunday! Take a look at this exciting blog and digital pictures form EverdayAdventures climbing at The Zawn, Cape Collinson in Hong Kong. #Breathtaking
Have an awesome day! — Pete Cento, Atlantis Photography

Everyday Adventures

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of climbing at The Zawn. We used to climb there a lot before giving it a wide berth for over a year after several incidents with rock fall. Yesterday there was another incident with a shower of rocks, the largest around tennis ball size, falling from the roof of The Zawn leaving behind a swirling cloud of dust and leaves. Unlike other rock falls we have experienced, this was not triggered by a climber as the rocks fell from far above the highest route with no obvious cause. My friend, Tim, who was stacking a rope at the base of the route was lucky not to be hit.









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