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August 2013

PHOTO OF THE MONTH by Cory Richards, from the September 2013 feature story “Untamed Antarctica”

Picture of a climber suspended from a rope

Climbing the Granite Tower

Venture into icy Queen Maud Land with photographer Cory Richards and a team of intrepid climbers.

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Picture of a cassowary

Australia’s cassowary is six feet tall and over a hundred pounds. Christian Ziegler introduces us to this unique bird.

Picture of two boys during an initiation rite

In the chaos of this capital city, artists thrive. Explore the streets with Pascale Maitre.

Picture of the MRGO channel

As the ice melts, oceans rise. George Steinmetz examines the impact on coastlines around the world.

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Browse visions of the world as seen through a photographer’s eye.

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See, watch, and listen to the lions of the Vumbi pride in this immersive media experience.

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See the gallery of top shots from this year’s photo contest, download wallpapers, and playpuzzles.

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We asked, you answered. See our favorite #meteor pictures submitted to National Geographic Your Shot.

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See your favorite Photo of the Daypictures from the past month, featuring animal photos.

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